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Product and technology development

Neste Oil’s R&D has concentrated on developing products and technologies with a smaller environmental footprint for decades.

Supporting sales, customer support, and standards-related work

Neste Oil’s product experts provided extensive sales, production, and customer support during 2013 and took part in international work on new fuel standards through the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and ASTM (prev. American Society for Testing and Materials). Company experts also contributed to fuel quality development through work coordinated by Europia and CONCAWE.

Neste Oil is committed to defending its innovations and patents

Neste Oil uses patents to protect its key technologies and innovations, and actively defends its patents and trademarks to safeguard the business value that they represent. Technology related to the production of renewable fuels, the feedstocks used in producing these fuels, and for pretreating renewable inputs is particularly central here. Neste Oil defended its patents and technologies in various patent proceedings and court cases in Finland, Singapore, and the US.

The number of patents applied for in 2013 rose compared to 2012, while the number of invention disclosures remained largely unchanged. The number of patent applications varies from year to year, depending on the stage at which research projects are. The patent applications lodged during 2013 covered mainly new technologies.

Quality control

Neste Oil’s laboratories play a central role in analyzing product batches and quality control, and provide extensive support for the company’s R&D work. The Group's laboratories work closely with each other through the GlobaLab network, which has been created to harmonize operations and develop and introduce best practices across the company. The operations of the GlobaLab network were extended and consolidated as a profitable part of Neste Oil's operations during 2013.

A new data network linking laboratory measurement and analysis equipment at Porvoo was commissioned in 2013 and has resulted in more reliable and more automated quality control procedures there.