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Oil Products

Neste Oil produces and sells an extensive range of petroleum products to a global customer base, with a particular focus on premium-quality traffic fuels and other high value-added products. Oil Products' goal is to develop its product-related services, expand its base oil offering, increase the proportion of middle distillates, such as diesel, in its product mix, and grow profitably in the global VHVI base oil market.



Competitive advantages

  • Premium-quality products
  • Ability to supply customers traffic fuel solutions flexibly and reliably, including solutions
    to fulfill biomandates
  • Strong position in the wholesale market around the Baltic
  • One of Europe's most advanced refineries at Porvoo; feedstock flexibility


Key figures

2013 2012
Revenue, EUR million 13,271  13,764
Operating profit, EUR million 286  491
Comparable operating profit, EUR million 280  396
Net assets, EUR million 2,163  2,252
Comparable return on net assets (RONA), % 11.8  16.6
Capital expenditure, EUR million 142  180


What were our targets? Achievements in 2013 What next?
Maintain Neste Oil's leading position in the Baltic region.
  • Neste Oil retained its strong position around the Baltic, which accounted for approx. 66% of petroleum product sales.
  • Sales increased in the Baltic countries.
  • Further strengthen Neste Oil's position in the Baltic region by developing the customer offering.
Strengthen the company's margins by improving productivity, by increasing plant capacity utilization levels and the proportion of middle distillates in product output for example.
  • Capacity utilization of the refineries improved by 1.5% and company's margin improved by USD 3.98/bbl compared to 2012.
  • Further strenghten margins by improving plant capacity utilization levels and supply chain optimization.
Leverage growth in the base oil market by increasing sales of VHVI base oil, developing new customer solutions, and expanding into new areas.
  • Sales in North America and Asia rose to 20% of total sales.
  • Continue growth in North America and Asia.
  • Improve supply chain-related cost efficiency.
Offer customers flexible and efficient solutions for fulfilling their biomandate requirements.
  • Customers in the Baltic region were supplied with drop-in solutions for fulfilling their biomandate requirements.
  • Develop new solutions for fulfilling rising biomandate needs in the Baltic region.