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Oil Products’ customers and solutions

Neste Oil’s extensive product range includes gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, bunker fuel, heating oil, heavy fuel oil, base oil, gasoline components, specialty fuels, solvents, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and bitumen. Oil Products’ aim is to further develop this offering in selected growth areas, such as diesel and premium-quality base oil.

Refining margins

Neste Oil’s total refining margin declined compared to 2012 and stood at USD 9.60/bbl (USD 10.17/bbl). Diesel margins were relatively strong throughout the year, while gasoline margins were strong for only part of the year. To strengthen its margins, Neste Oil is aiming to further increase its productivity, concentrate on higher value-added products, and focus on its home markets around the Baltic.

Continued strong position around the Baltic

Neste Oil offers its customers around the Baltic a wide range of customized products and fuel blends, together with various flexible solutions for helping them fulfill their biomandate needs. Customers in the region benefit from a fast and flexible service that can supply multiple products in a single shipment, even at short notice. Neste Oil succeeded in retaining its strong position around the Baltic during 2013, and approx. 66% (71%) of petroleum product sales were accounted for by customers in the region.

Sales outside Finland increased

Neste Oil supplied a total of 6 (7.1) million tons of petroleum products to customers in Finland in 2013. Sales outside Finland totaled 10 (8.6) million tons, of which gasoline accounted for 2.9 (2.6) million tons and diesel 4.9 (3.9) million tons, including 1.7 (1.5) million tons of renewable diesel. The US, Sweden, and Canada were the most important export markets for gasoline and took 54% of gasoline exports. Sweden, Germany, and Britain were Neste Oil’s largest export markets for diesel and accounted for 61% of total diesel exports. The proportion of sales accounted for by diesel, including renewable diesel, increased again in 2013 and was 49% (48%).