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Oil Retail's customers and solutions

Oil Retail is a major marketer and supplier of petroleum products in Finland, with a product range that includes gasoline, diesel, light and heavy fuel oil, lubricants, liquefied petroleum gas, aviation fuel, sulfur, and solvents. Products are sold to consumers via the Neste Oil station network and directly to fleet users, industrial and agricultural customers, heating customers, and distributors. Outside Finland, Neste Oil sells traffic fuels in Northwest Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Decreased sales volumes of traffic fuels

Sales volumes of Neste Oil's traffic fuels decreased by 4% (increased by 6%) in 2013, and total sales stood at 3.2 (3.3) million m3.  Diesel sales rose by 0.3% (9.4%) and gasoline sales decreased by 9% (increased by 2.1%) compared to 2012.

Pump-based sales of Neste alcylate gasoline at the five stations where it is available in this form increased by around 75% compared to 2012, and a number of major customer accounts were secured for the fuel. An investment decision to improve distribution logistics at the Naantali refinery will enable sales to be further increased, both via land-based and marine distribution channels. 

Lubricants and automotive chemicals increased their market share

Neste Oil's direct sales during 2013 remained comparable to those seen in previous years, despite the challenging economic situation.

Demand for lubricants in Finland continued to decline as a result of the depressed economy and structural changes affecting industry, while demand for automotive chemicals remained largely unchanged. Despite this, Neste Oil was able to increase its market share clearly in both product areas. Exports remained comparable to those seen in 2012.

The card-free Truck+ service among fleet owners grew steadily during 2013.


Neste Pro Diesel and alcylate gasoline selected as first fill fuels for Mercedes-Benz A-Class cars

Valmet Automotive has selected Neste Pro Diesel as the first fill fuel for the diesel-engined Mercedes-Benz A-Class cars that it manufactures in Finland. Neste Oil's alcylate gasoline is specified as the first fill fuel for gasoline-engined A-Class cars. Extremely good ignition and storability properties are essential for first fill fuel, as cars pass through numerous logistics and parking stages on their journey from the factory to purchasers. Valmet Automotive's plant in Uusikaupunki began manufacturing Mercedes-Benz A-Class cars at the end of August 2013 under a contract with Daimler AG.

Neste Oil's alcylate gasoline has many advantages

Neste Oil's alcylate gasoline is produced exclusively from carefully selected sulfur-free paraffines known for their good performance in high-compression engines. Thanks to its carefully formulated composition, alcylate gasoline is odor-free, unlike regular gasoline, which makes it pleasant to use and ideal for sensitive environments. Being benzene-free, it is also not classified as a hazardous substance.

Handling Neste Oil's alcylate gasoline is safe and pleasant for users, as it has a lower vapor pressure than regular motor gasoline.

Alcylate gasoline also stores well. Fuel systems do not need to be drained during long storage, as resin content does not develop nor does the fuel otherwise deteriorate during storage. As a result, engine always starts easily after being stored for an extended period.