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Station network

Neste Oil has a network of 1,027 stations: 790 in Finland and 237 in Northwest Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Neste Oil's retail operations in Poland ended during the first half of 2013 when the sale of the station network there to Shell was completed. New stations opened in Finland, the Baltic countries, and Northwest Russia in 2013 helped further strengthen Neste Oil's market position.


Neste Oil's station network in Finland comprises Neste Oil service stations, Neste Oil unmanned stations, Neste Oil Express unmanned stations, and Neste Oil Truck stations serving trucks and fleet users.

Increased sales in Estonia and Latvia

Neste Oil extended its station network in the Baltic countries and Northwest Russia during 2013, in line with its growth target, and a total of 11 new stations were built and four new stations purchased in Latvia. Retail operations developed well and recorded a better result than in 2012.

All stations outside Finland now feature the new Neste Oil brand

Neste Oil completed the brand revamp of its station network in Estonia, Latvia, and the St. Petersburg region in 2013. Outlets in Lithuania were rebranded in 2011. Neste Oil's stations in Russia and the Baltic countries all now feature the new brand identify. In addition to modernizing the appearance of stations, the project has also focused on improving the customer experience and safety.

In Russia, the project has included a revamp of the station shop concept, which has been reconfigured to focus on offering premium-quality products to quality-conscious customers, and station forecourts. The revamp has proved a success and shop sales have been better than expected.

To further secure Neste Oil's brand and market position in the region, the plan is to launch a Neste Oil-branded range of traffic fuel products in the Baltic countries and Northwest Russia in spring 2014.

IT revamp continues in 2014

The comprehensive revamp of IT systems started in Oil Retail in 2010 reached the rollout phase in the retail business in Estonia, and is expected to be fully completed in 2014. The new system will integrate Oil Retail’s processes, improve customer relationship management and customer service, as well as enhance cost efficiency.


Neste Oil is Finland's most respected service station brand

Neste Oil was ranked Finland's most respected service station brand in a survey of Finnish brands carried out by Taloustutkimus and Markkinointi&Mainonta in summer 2013. ABC was ranked second and St1 third.

The survey reviewed respondents' views on 1,043 individual brands. Neste Oil improved its ranking compared to the 2012 survey, while ABC's ranking declined, making Neste Oil the more respected brand in 2013.