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Production & Logistics

The Production & Logistics function is responsible for ensuring that Neste Oil’s premium-quality products are produced and supplied to customers as safely, reliably, and cost-effectively as possible. Neste Oil’s refineries and plants in five countries produce a comprehensive range of major petroleum products, together with premium-quality NExBTL renewable fuels.



What were our targets? Achievements in 2013 What next?
Develop safety culture
  • Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF) per million hours worked was 4.2 (3.6).
  • Achieve a clear improvement in safety performance, both in occupational and process safety.
  • The goal is to achieve a Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF) per million hours worked of less than 3.3*.
Improve operational reliability at all plants
  • Excellent operations at the Singapore and Rotterdam refineries. Both sites achieved an average capacity utilization of 91%.
  • Operational reliability and utilization rate at Porvoo refinery improved compared to 2012.
  • Output at Naantali refinery was reduced in line with market situation.
  • Continue work aimed at developing the operational reliability of all production sites.
  • New renewable fuel production target is 2.3 million t/a to be achieved by 2015.
Improve cost efficiency
  • Neste Oil announced that it is to exit the shipping business, and plans selling all its ships and outsourcing its ship management functions.
  • Operating costs at Neste Oil's renewable diesel refineries were reduced as a result of improved operational reliability and energy efficiency.
  • Crude oil refining production costs continued to perform well.
  • Continue working to improve cost efficiency.
Ensure high standards of operational quality
  • The impact of shortcomings in product quality or the volumes of products delivered on customers are monitored closely. The number of quality issues fell by nearly 30% compared to 2012.
  • Continue implementing measures aimed at ensuring high standards of operational quality.

 *Neste Oil’s long-term target is zero accidents. The safety target-setting process was reviewed in 2013 as part of an intensified effort to improve safety across the company, and a revised short-term safety target of 3.3 was set for 2014.