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Renewable Fuels

Neste Oil is a global pioneer in premium-quality renewable fuels. The family of renewable products based on Neste Oil’s proprietary NExBTL technology currently includes two fuels – NExBTL diesel and NExBTL aviation fuel – and three products for the chemical industry: NExBTL naphtha, NExBTL propane, and NExTBTL isoalkane. Neste Oil has succeeded in creating a renewable products business generating revenue of over EUR 2 billion in just a few years. With 2 million t/a of production capacity in place today, Neste Oil is the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel.



Neste Oil's competitive advantages:

  • Premium-quality products that are suitable for existing distribution systems and vehicles
    and offer cost-effective, flexible solutions for fulfilling biomandates
  • Reliable production technology that offers a high degree of feedstock flexibility and enables
    the use of a wide range of sustainably produced raw materials
  • Global customer base and supply chain


Key figures 

2013 2012
Revenue, EUR million 2,493  2,163
Operating profit, EUR million 252 -183
Comparable operating profit, EUR million 273  -56
Net assets, EUR million  1,768  1,860
Comparable return on net assets (RONA), % 15.2  -2.8
Capital expenditure, EUR million  21  51


What were our targets? Achievements in 2013 What next?

Improve the profitability of the business by increasing capacity of refineries, extending the customer base, and opening up new markets 

  • Sales volumes rose to 1.9 million tons.
  • The global customer base grew to nearly 50 customers in Europe, North America, and Asia.
  • A breakthrough was achieved in the important US market.
  • Continue developing key market segments that expect high quality on all continents and offer solutions that fulfill growing biomandate requirements.
  • Improve the efficiency of the supply chain in terms of production and logistics. To achieve this, refinery capacity will be increased on a phased basis. The aim is to increase capacity by 15% to 2.3 million t/a by 2015.

Secure a flexible feedstock base and the sustainability and acceptability of the feedstocks Neste Oil uses

  • Neste Oil extended its feedstock base with the addition of technical corn oil, spent bleaching earth oil and tall oil pitch. The usage of waste and residue-based inputs increased by 476,000 tons to 1,220,000 tons and accounted for approximately 52% of total renewable feedstock usage.
  • Neste Oil started a collaboration with The Forest Trust (TFT) organization to develop sustainable practices in palm oil production.
  • 100% of the crude palm oil used by Neste Oil is certified and traced.
  • Continue extending the feedstock base and increase the use of waste and residues.
  • Continue efforts to ensure the sustainability and acceptability of Neste Oil’s renewable raw material.
  • Maintain the target of 100% certicified and traced crude palm oil.

Commercialize new product applications

  • A number of new NExBTL-based applications were investigated, including solvents and petrochemicals.
  • Grow the business in new application areas.
  • Take an active role in developing renewable fuel solutions for the aviation sector.