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Renewable Fuels’ customers and solutions

NExBTL renewable diesel is sold as a premium-quality biocomponent to corporate customers, primarily in Europe and North America, but the market for the product is expected to grow in Asia as well. Thanks to its high quality, customers can use it very flexibly and optimize their logistics chain and produce their own quality products. NExBTL renewable diesel ready-blended with fossil diesel is also sold to fuel distributors as a 'drop-in solution'.

Neste Oil sells Neste Pro Diesel, containing a minimum of 15% NExBTL renewable diesel, at its stations in Finland. Neste Pro Diesel was the first diesel anywhere to comply with the Worldwide Fuel Charter (WWFC) category 5 specification in 2013.

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Customers and markets

Neste Oil further extended its NExBTL renewable fuels customer base in 2013 and sold NExBTL products into a number of new markets. Alongside Europe, North America represents a major market for premium-quality biofuels, and Neste Oil achieved a major breakthrough in the key US market in 2013. Continued progress was also made in Europe, and NExBTL renewable diesel was sold to nearly 50 customers in over 10 countries worldwide in 2013.

The addition of these new customers and new markets saw the sales volumes of NExBTL renewable diesel increase by 16% compared to 2012, to total 1.9 million tons. Looking ahead, Neste Oil’s goal is to further strengthen its position, particularly in markets where a premium-quality product like NExBTL renewable diesel can generate the maximum added value for the customer.

NExBTL product family

In addition to producing transport and aviation fuel, NExBTL technology is also capable of producing renewable solvents and renewable industrial petroleum, naphtha. Renewable solvents, for example, can be used in manufacturing paints, adhesives, cleaning agents, and cosmetics; while renewable industrial petroleum can be used as a biocomponent in gasoline blends and for producing bioplastics. Thanks to its renewable base, the carbon footprint of end-products manufactured using NExBTL renewable naphtha is smaller than that of those produced from fossil naphtha.

Neste Oil is currently planning the production of NExBTL renewable propane at its refinery in Rotterdam. Propane can be used for example, in producing plastics and generating electricity. In addition, Neste Oil is investigating the commercial potential of renewable isoalkane.

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