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New fuel blend on its way to the German market

Neste Oil is part of a project aiming to launch a new diesel fuel containing a higher proportion of renewable content in Germany. The new blend, Diesel R33, contains 26% of Neste Oil’s NExBTL renewable diesel, 7% conventional biodiesel (FAME), and 67% fossil diesel – making a total of 33% renewable content.

“Unlike conventional biodiesel, there are no restrictions on how much NExBTL renewable diesel can be blended into a fuel,” explains Kaisa Hietala, Neste Oil’s Vice President, Renewable Fuels. “As a result, it’s possible to produce blends with a high renewable content and achieve a greater reduction in greenhouse gas and tailpipe emissions.”

Trials before launching the fuel

Diesel R33 is being tested in a joint trial involving 280 vehicles in Coburg in Germany. In addition to Neste Oil, the project involves various German universities, automotive manufacturers, research institutions, and other partners.

“In addition to vehicles supplied by our partners, Volkswagen and Audi, the trial also covers a number of ordinary privately owned cars as well,” says Professor Jürgen Krahl of the Coburg University of Applied Sciences, the head of the research project. “We’re currently carrying out tests on tailpipe emissions and motor oil performance, and testing how compatible the fuel is with the particulate filters fitted to modern diesel engines.”

The Diesel R33 project is a follow-up to a trial conducted in Coburg and Munich in 2010-2011. The results from this trial showed that the fuel, produced from 100% renewable inputs, is ideally suited to urban use and can make a significant contribution to reducing tailpipe emissions.

Read more about the previous project.

Renewable diesel is good for vehicle engines!

Neste Oil’s NExBTL renewable diesel is compatible with all modern diesel engines and fuel distribution systems. Starting to use it is very easy and vehicles require no modifications. As a hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), NExBTL diesel very well-suited to today’s diesel engines, according to Volkswagen

“Fuel plays a decisive part in extending the recommended intervals between regular vehicle service and reducing CO2 emissions, and we believe our cooperation with Neste Oil will help us in our work in this area,” says Jens Hadler, Chief Engineer at VW’s Engine Research Department.