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Safety is the professionals’ choice

Neste Oil launched an extensive safety development project in 2013 aimed at creating an even stronger safety mindset within the company and reducing the number of accidents that take place, as accident performance has not progressed as hoped for over the last few years. Neste Oil’s safety vision is based on the conviction that all accidents are preventable and that safety is part of being a professional and very much the professional’s choice.

A new set of safety rules

As part of the safety development project launched in 2013, a new set of Life Saving Rules was introduced that crystallize the key guidelines that need to be observed in the safety area.

“The new guidelines are simpler than the previous ones, and our aim is to highlight them throughout the workplace to ensure that everyone keeps them in mind the whole time,” says Erkki Ranta, Production & Logistics’ HSEQ Director. “We also want to learn more from near miss incidents, which is why we’re developing our near miss reporting to enable us to make better use of the information these incidents provide.”

New interactive safety training material is also being planned for personnel, and safety is to be more closely integrated into management training as well.

Safety is about attitudes

Safety is not limited to the workplace either, which is why Neste Oil is also working to promote safety in people’s leisure time.

“Safety is about attitudes and important outside work too. When it comes to safety, it’s not so important what you do, but how you do it,” says Harri Järvelin, Neste Oil’s Director, HSEQ Functions.

Safety is also part of the Way Forward initiative launched in 2013, aimed at making Neste Oil a more profitable, a more customer-driven, and a safer company.

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