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7 Analysis of revenue by category
MEUR         2013         2012
Sale of goods 17,253 17,676
Revenue from services 138 158
Royalty income 0 1
Other 71 18
17,462 17,853
Sale of goods include product sales from the Group's own refineries, other production facilities and retail stations as well as other sale of petroleum products, feedstock, raw materials and oil trading. Excise taxes included in the retail selling price of finished oil products amounting to EUR 1,343 million (2012: EUR 1,446 million) are included in product sales. The corresponding amount is included in 'Materials and services', Note 9.
Oil trading included in Sale of goods comprise of revenue from physical and derivative financial instrument trading activities conducted on international and regional markets by taking delivery of and selling petroleum products and raw materials within a short period of time for the purpose of generating a profit from short term fluctuations in product and raw material prices and margins. Trading mainly involves transactions based on the use of derivative financial instruments.
Revenue from product exchanges included in 'Sale of goods' amounted to EUR 230 million (2012: EUR 204 million).
Revenue from services mainly comprises revenue from the chartering services and Neste Jacobs, which is included in the Others segment.