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Company Auditor

The Annual General Meeting elects an Auditor annually, which must be an auditing company approved by the Finnish Central Chamber of Commerce. The Auditor’s term of office ends at the end of the next AGM following election.

The Auditor is responsible for auditing the Company’s accounts, its financial statements, the Review of the Board of Directors, and Neste Oil’s administration.

The Auditor’s Report covers the Review by the Board of Directors, the Consolidated Financial Statements, and the Parent Company’s Financial Statements, and can be found in the Financial Statements section of the Annual Report.

Ernst & Young Oy was elected as Neste Oil’s Auditor on 4 April 2013, with Anna-Maija Simola, Certified Public Accountant, as main responsible auditor. Ernst & Young have acted as the Company’s Auditor since 2007, when the function was last put out to tender.


Fees charged by the statutory auditor, EUR 1,000  2013 2012 
Audit fees   1,052  1,077
 Other  392  352
 Total  1,444  1,429