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Shares and shareholders

The goal of Neste Oil’s investor relations (IR) work is to ensure that investors can form an accurate and appropriately detailed picture of the Company’s current and future business and financial position.

Share capital

Neste Oil’s share capital registered with the Company Register as of 31 December 2013 totaled EUR 40 million, and the total number of shares outstanding was 256,403,686. Each share entitles a shareholder to one vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Share registration

Neste Oil’s shares are included in the book entry securities systems maintained by Euroclear Finland Ltd. The latter is also the official keeper of Neste Oil’s list of shareholders.

Trading information

Neste Oil shares are traded primarily on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki under the trading code NES1V.HE. The ISIN code is FI0009013296 and trading takes places in euros (EUR).

Share buyback and issue authorizations

The Board of Directors is not authorized to issue new shares or other securities. The company does not have a share buy-back program in place, and the Board is not authorized to buy back company shares.

IR activities in 2013

Top management and IR personnel met investors in Finland and elsewhere in Europe, as well as in the US, during 2013. Regular contacts were also maintained with analysts and investors. Capital Market Day was arranged in London in September.