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Traffic and transport are an integral and essential part of life and modern society. Neste Oil believes that traffic cannot be stopped but needs to developed. Cleaner solutions are needed to provide the growing energy needs to keep society on the move as sustainably as possible, both today and in the future.

The premium-quality fuels developed by Neste Oil, with their smaller environmental footprint, open up excellent potential for cleaner traffic and transport and for helping global efforts aimed at combating climate change. Neste Oil’s R&D on renewable raw materials and refining technologies for these materials makes a valuable contribution to reducing the dependence on crude oil.

Cleaner traffic strategy

Neste Oil’s vision is to be the preferred partner in cleaner traffic fuel solutions.

Neste Oil’s high-quality cleaner traffic solutions, together with its unique refining and technological expertise and ability to expand its feedstock base, provide what is a small company in international oil industry terms with a solid foundation for implementing its strategy.

Neste Oil is implementing its cleaner traffic strategy through a series of four Value Creation programs.

A new initiative: Way Forward

A new model for working and acting across Neste Oil was rolled out in 2013. Based on Neste Oil's core values, this new model embodies the company's commitment to securing its success in a changing business environment, both today and into the future, and to making the most of the capabilities and resources of all its personnel. The Way Forward initiative supports Neste Oil in implementing its strategy and making Neste Oil a more profitable, more customer-driven, and safer company where personnel enjoy their work and feel good.

Taking and delegating responsibility are very central to this new model, as are cooperation, safety, customer focus, and rewarding people for good performance.

The Way Forward initiative will make itself felt over a number of years and will bring a number of changes. One of its aims will be to align all of Neste Oil's HR processes, such as remuneration and personal development planning, with the new model to ensure that they support the company's business goals as effectively as possible.

Read more about Way Forward initiative

Strategic roles

Neste Oil’s two business areas – Oil Products & Renewables and Oil Retail – support the implementation of the company’s strategy, together with its efficient Production and Logistics function.

The strategic role of Oil Products and Renewables is to maximize the cash flow provided by the products Neste Oil refines and generate profitable growth on the growing market for premium-quality base oil and renewable fuels.

The strategic role of Oil Retail is to act as a marketing channel for Neste Oil’s products and maximize the cash flow generated by product sales and grow in the countries around the Baltic.

The strategic role of Production and Logistics is to ensure reliable and flexible production, and continuously improve efficiency.