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Cash flow, investments, and financing

Neste Oil Group’s net cash from operating activities totaled EUR 839 million (468 million) in 2013. The year-on-year difference is mainly attributable to improved cash generation from the Group's businesses, lower working capital resulting from very successful management of receivables, and lower capital expenditure in 2013. Cash flow before financing activities was EUR 759 million (260 million).

Investments totaled EUR 214 million (292 million) in 2013. Oil Products’ capital expenditure totaled EUR 142 million (180 million), while Renewable Fuels invested EUR 21 million (51 million), Oil Retail EUR 31 million (36 million), and Others EUR 20 million (25 million).

Interest-bearing net debt was EUR 1,252 million as of the end of December 2013, compared to EUR 1,935 million at the end of 2012. Net financial expenses for the year were EUR 71 million (91 million). The average interest rate of borrowing at the end of December was 3.7% and the average maturity 3.7 years. The equity-to-assets ratio was 41.6% (31 Dec. 2012: 34.4%), the leverage ratio 30.0% (31 Dec. 2012: 43.2%), and the gearing ratio 42.8% (31 Dec. 2012: 76.2%).

The Group's cash and cash equivalents and committed, unutilized credit facilities amounted to EUR 2,156 million as of the end of December (31 Dec. 2012: 2,135 million). There are no financial covenants in current loan agreements.

In accordance with its hedging policy, Neste Oil has hedged the majority of its net foreign currency exposure for the next 12 months, mainly using forward contracts and currency options. The most important hedged currency is the US dollar.