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Neste Oil listens to its stakeholders and strives to develop its operations on the basis of the feedback that it receives.


What were our targets? Actions and achievements in 2013? What next?

Increase ROACE (Return on Average Capital Employed, after tax) to at least 15% over the long term.

  • ROACE was 11.8% (5.0).
  • Continue working to achieve our long-term ROACE target

Encourage stakeholder involvement and actively interact with key stakeholders.

  • The Stakeholder Advisory Panel met twice.
  • Discussions with NGOs continued in Europe, the US, and Asia.
  • We began working with The Forest Trust (TFT), an organization dedicated to preventing deforestation.
  • We drew up improvement plans based on the results of our stakeholder survey.
  • Continue to encourage stakeholder involvement and participate more actively in debate.

Provide wider reporting on Neste Oil’s tax footprint.

  • We published more tax-related details in the Sustainability report.
  • Continue developing how we report our tax contribution.

Make our expertise available to decision-makers.

  • We were involved in technical drafting work on BAT requirements coordinated by the EU.
  • Continue providing expertise to decision-makers.