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Participation in organizations and joint projects


Neste Oil takes part in the development of the industry it operates in by working through key industry organizations worldwide and the company representatives that sit on their boards or committees.

During 2013, Neste Oil took part in the activities of numerous communities, including the following:


Energy and chemicals

Sustainable production and use of feedstocks

In addition to organizations, Neste Oil also participates in a number of joint initiatives every year.

Aviation initiatives

  • European Aviation Biofuels Flightpath
    • aimed at increasing the use of aviation biofuel to 2 million t/a by 2020
  • ITAKA (Initiative Towards Sustainable Kerosene for Aviation)
    • aimed at promoting the commercialization and use of renewable aviation fuel in Europe
  • A Dutch 'Bioport for jet fuels in the Netherlands' initiative aimed at promoting the use of sustainably produced biofuel in aviation

Safety initiatives

  • Tanker Safety, a project aimed at improving marine and environmental safety in the Gulf of Finland 

Sustainability initiatives

  • Responsible Care, a voluntary initiative by the global chemical industry aimed at supporting sustainable development in the industry.