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Marketing and communications

Neste Oil observes the guidelines of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the requirements of Finnish consumer and marketing legislation when marketing its products.

Marketing is factually based and product property descriptions are designed to present an accurate picture. The benefits and properties of products highlighted in marketing material are based on test results. Neste Oil approaches its customers only if they have given permission to do so. Information customers provide to Neste Oil is never divulged to third parties.

Helping customers use products correctly and safely

The majority of the products sold by Neste Oil are classified as hazardous, which means that providing sufficient and up-to-date information is an important part of customer communications. Safety data sheets and technical product information on products sold in Neste Oil’s home markets can be consulted at the company’s web site. Product labels also include information on safety-related questions. Neste Oil responds to questions from its customers via its telephone service and e-mail, and uses its Facebook account to tell people more about its products. Neste Oil also has a dedicated lubricant search engine, which customers can use to find the right lubricant based on their vehicle registration plate.

One of the subjects covered by Neste Oil in its proactive customer communication work in 2013 were the differences between the renewable contents used in marine diesel. Customers are regularly reminded every fall of the need to switch to winter-grade diesel to help them choose the appropriate fuel for their vehicles under cold conditions. Neste Oil also distributes a large amount of practical advice to customers, covering areas such as what to do if they fill up with the wrong fuel and comprehensive guides on using diesel and gasoline and their properties. Neste Oil also took part in organizing an international fuel seminar held in Helsinki in 2013.