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Sustainability in the station network

Neste Oil has a network of 1,027 retail stations in Finland, Northwest Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. A total of 79.9 million (85.7) fuel purchases were made at these stations in 2013. Comprehensive dealer training and regular station inspections ensure that stations provide drivers a safe and pleasant experience.

Dealers committed to Neste Oil’s operating principles

In Finland, Neste Oil’s station network is made up of independent owner-dealers and K-market retailers supplied by Neste Oil, and unmanned stations managed by Neste Oil.

All the dealers in the network have committed themselves to observing Neste Oil’s Code of Conduct, which forms part of their dealer agreement. Neste Oil expects dealers to follow common practices and operating principles that have been drawn up for all stations.

A member of the Roma community experienced discrimination at a Neste Oil station in 2013 when the local dealer imposed a limit on the number of Roma people at the station at any one time. This contravened Neste Oil’s Code of Conduct and the matter was reviewed with the dealer in question to correct the situation. Neste Oil does not tolerate any form of discrimination in its operations and expects the same of its partners.

Neste Oil supports training for station personnel

Neste Oil produces and distributes guidelines for its dealers, together with tools for training station staff. Dealers are responsible for the training given to their staff, which covers areas such as the properties and hazards of Neste Oil’s fuels, the risks associated with station operations, and safety issues.

Neste Oil launched an interactive game for station personnel in 2013 in which staff at different stations can compete with each other in a championship to find the team who knows the most about station operations.

Neste Oil shares topical information about safety and new products, for example, with its dealers via the company’s extranet service and its annual dealer days.

Safety and environmental issues at stations

Neste Oil is committed to ensuring that customers visiting stations are safe at all times and that station operations have the minimum level of impact on the environment. Environmental issues at Neste Oil stations are taken into account from the construction stage onwards. Stations use twin-skin structures, for example, and storage tanks are fitted with alarm sensors, such as sensors measuring temperature and surface level, and preventing overfilling. External inspectors carry out regular audits at stations, and action lists are drawn up on the basis of these inspections where needed. Further inspections are then made to verify that corrective work is carried out. A total of 1,724 station audits and check-ups were carried out in 2013. Neste Oil’s own sales personnel also monitor station operations.

The safety of Neste Oil stations in urban areas was enhanced in 2013 with the introduction of round-the-clock station monitoring.

Recognition for Neste Oil’s stations in Finland and the Baltic countries

Neste Oil’s stations that are open 24 hours a day were recognized for the healthy nature of their catering in 2013 in a report by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The report listed two Neste Oil stations among the three best in Finland: the Neste Motorest Eläintarha station in Helsinki and the Neste Jari-Pekka station in Joroinen.

The Neste Oil network in Latvia has also received recognition and has been given a family-friendly company award, given to companies that highlight family needs in areas such as easy-to-use services.

A survey by Taloustutkimus and the marketing magazine, Markkinointi ja Mainonta, ranked Neste Oil as Finland’s most respected service station brand in 2013.

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