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Neste Oil believes that a safe workplace, challenging jobs, good management, and a business culture that encourages people to perform at their best are key to the wellbeing of its personnel and the success of its business. We prioritize management training and developing our strategic capabilities.


What were our targets? Actions and achievements in 2013 What next?

Draw up job descriptions for everyone across the Group

  • New model for job descriptions was defined.
  • The new model will be introduced and implemented during 2014.

Develop a new short-term incentive system

  • New short-term incentive system was introduced.
  • Remuneration will follow the new system.

Move ahead with updating our HR system

  • The revamp reached the implementation phase.
  • Introducing the new system will begin in 2014 and is expected to be complete by the end of 2015.

Develop wellbeing at work

  • We carried out site-specific analyses of the current situation and defined the development measures that need to be introduced.
  • Continue implementing Neste Oil’s wellbeing at work plan.

Continue promoting an engagement-driven leadership culture

  • A new way of working, Way Forward, was introduced. This emphasizes taking and giving responsibilities.
  • Continue developing and implementing Way Forward.