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Neste Oil employees in 2013

Neste Oil’s hiring rate in respect of permanent employees was 9.9% (11.3%) in 2013, and the leaving rate 10.3% (9.6%).


Personnel by personnel group


Personnel by segment


Educational backround of employees


Educational level of employees


Lenght of employment of employees


Breakdown by age


Type of employment contract


Type of employment according to working hours


Gender ratio



Statutory employer-employee negotiations at Neste Shipping

Statutory employer-employee negotiations were held at Neste Oil’s shipping company, Neste Shipping, during early 2013 as part of the company’s efficiency enhancement program. As a result of these negotiations, which covered all of Neste Shipping’s some 450 land- and sea-based personnel, 124 employees were decided to be reduced. In 2013, the number of reduced people was approximately 110 of which three were made redundant. The remainder of the reduction took place through voluntary retirement and the termination of fixed-term employment contracts. The rest of the personnel reductions are likely to be realized during 2014.

Later in 2013, Neste Oil announced that it planned to exit the shipping business completely. In February 2014, Neste Oil announced the selling of its shipping business to OSM Group AS. According to plans, Neste Shipping's personnel, covering approximately 320 people, will transfer to OSM Group during spring 2014.

Progress in revamping the Group’s HR IT system

A revamp of Neste Oil’s HR IT system is currently under way. The new system will cover all personnel employed by Neste Oil and all the countries in which Neste Oil operates. The revamp will integrate remuneration and performance management systems that currently operate separately into one system, and is designed to increase transparency, improve Neste Oil’s ability to manage the expertise of its personnel, and simplify managers’ work. The rollout of the system will begin in 2014 and it is expected to be in use across the entire company by the end of 2015. 

Number of employees

  2013 2012 2011
Number of employees, average 5,097 5,031 4,926
Number of employees at the end of the year 5,049 5,022 4,825