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Way Forward – Our way of working

Neste Oil defined a new way of working model for personnel across the entire Group in 2013 known as Way Forward. Based on the company’s values, this new initiative is intended to secure Neste Oil’s ability to succeed in a changing world, both today and into the future, and leverage everyone’s resources for the company’s benefit. Way Forward is central to how Neste Oil is working to achieve its strategic targets and make Neste Oil a more profitable, a more customer-focused, and a safer company and one where personnel enjoy their jobs and feel good about what they do.

Taking and giving responsibility, teamwork, safety, customer focus, and rewarding people for good performance are central to the Way Forward model.

During the course of the Way Forward change initiative, which will extend over a number of years, the plan is to align all of the company’s HR processes – such as performance management and personal development planning – with the new model, to ensure that they provide as much support as possible in helping Neste Oil achieve its goals.

Involving personnel in developing a new way of working

The Way Forward initiative was developed on the basis of a questionnaire for personnel at Neste Oil and designed to give people the opportunity to express their views on the strengths and weaknesses of existing practices and procedures. As the questionnaire covered all personnel, it was decided to postpone the next personnel survey to early 2014.

The operating model developed on the basis of the results of the questionnaire was fine-tuned in June with the help of 100 key staff, after which it was presented to personnel at a series of strategy events. The new model is being brought closer to employees’ everyday work through unit-specific events, at which people are being asked to make two public commitments covering their own way of working. These commitments, and how successfully people live up to them, will be monitored in target-setting and development discussions.