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All accidents and incidents are preventable. We are comprehensively committed to developing our safety performance and safety culture.


What were our targets? Actions and achievements in 2013 What next?
Reduce the number of process safety events (PSER <4).
  • The target was achieved. PSER was 3.0 (5.9).
  •  PSER  < 3.0
Reduce Neste Oil’s Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF) to 2.2.
  • The target was not achieved. TRIF was 4.2 (3.6)
  •  TRIF 3.3*
Carry out at least 28,000 preventive measures.
  • 30,064 (30,286) preventive measures** were carried out.
  •  Preventive measures 30,000

 * Neste Oil’s long-term target is zero accidents. The safety target-setting process was reviewed in 2013 as part of an intensified effort to improve safety across the company, and a revised short-term safety target of 3.3 was set for 2014.

** Includes observation tours, safety inspections, and near miss reporting.