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Sustainable supply chain

Neste Oil ensures that it acts sustainably at every stage of its supply chain. Our feedstock suppliers are carefully selected and committed to operating sustainably in their own operations. All of our renewable inputs are fully traced back to where they are produced or cultivated.



What were our targets? Actions and achievements in 2013 What next?

100% of the crude palm oil we use is certified by 2015.

  • 100% of the crude palm oil used was certified in 2013.
  • Continue using only certified crude palm oil also in the future.

All the renewable inputs we use are traced back to their origin.

  • All the renewable inputs we used were traced back to their origin.
  • Ensure the continued traceability of our renewable inputs.

Develop how we monitor the carbon footprint of fossil fuels.

  • We familiarized ourselves with the emission data of our most important crude oil suppliers, and began cooperation in this area.

  • Extend cooperation with selected crude oil suppliers.